Imago Makes Telepresence Demo Suite Available to Resellers

Imago Group plc, the video communications distributor, has installed dedicated suites based on Polycom’s ATX immersive telepresence solution at its offices in Thatcham, Berkshire and at its French subsidiary in Plaisir, West of Paris, and is inviting reseller partners to use it for demonstrations to customers.

Fully equipped with ergonomic and sustainable furnishing from the specialist woodworking designer, Benchmark, the new suite will enable resellers and their customers to experience the power of an immersive telepresence conference.

“Unless you have been involved in a telepresence meeting, it is hard to appreciate just how true to life they can be,” says Ian Vickerage, Managing Director of Imago. “The key to immersive telepresence is that it should feel as if all the participants are in the same room. The dimensions enable participants to speak with and see the body language of others, without any concerns about the technology that allows it to happen.”

The demo centres in Thatcham and Paris feature identical Polycom ATX units and Benchmark furniture, and they have been designed to create a comfortable, practical and elegant environment, dedicated to video conferencing.

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