Imperial College Goes for THUS City Ethernet

THUS has been awarded a contract by Imperial College London to deliver data services using its City Ethernet service. The THUS next-generation network solution will offer the College improved reliability and scalability while enabling more efficient provision of administration and student support services. In addition it will provide a gateway to improve collaborative working with the wider academic research community.

THUS is providing City Ethernet – a point to point LAN extension service – to offer high-bandwidth connectivity across 9 of the College’s sites, and network connectivity to all other campus locations. THUS City Ethernet will provide users of the network with improved speed of access to information and to more applications with greater capabilities. The new network will also provide the capability to converge voice and data, offering cost and efficiency savings.

Imperial College London, which has recently become a University in its own right, is pre-eminent in the teaching of science, technology and medicine. In this, the College’s centenary year, it needed a network capable of supporting staff, student and academic research needs as it moves into the 21st Century. The network solution delivered will support the converged delivery of delay-sensitive data, voice and multi-media applications and enhance efficiency, particularly in terms of working and communicating with other institutions and wider industry.

Matthew Williams, Imperial College said, “THUS took the time to listen to what we needed and offered us a solution that fully meets our needs while reducing costs and preparing us for the future. The network will significantly enhance our communication and I am sure the benefits will be highly visible.”

THUS’ City Ethernet platform offers the College the potential to migrate to advanced communications services, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), and this scalable solution provides the University with a future-proofed infrastructure. In addition, THUS, offering a single supplier service encompassing all operational issues and billing, provides the College with a potential one stop shop for all their communication needs.

Phil Male, Chief Operating Officer at THUS plc and an alumnus of Imperial College London commented: “Educational institutions need to provide their students and academic staff with the capacity to participate in collaborative work, sometimes on a global level. As one of the finest universities in the country it was important for me on a personal level that THUS delivered a communication solution appropriate to Imperial’s needs. City Ethernet is scalable, reliable, secure and cost effective and offers the college all the capability they need, now and in the future.”

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