Improved Call Recording Accuracy for Retell

Retell is set to improve the accuracy of call recording with a new feature on the ISDN 30 version of their Sense Call Analyser recording system. This new feature, Caller ID Decoration, will enable exact matching of calls between the trunk lines and the PABX.

Where a call recording system is installed on the trunk side and picking up extension information from the SMDR port of a PABX and a large number of inbound calls arrive at the same moment to the same number all with caller ID withheld and all lasting the same time, it is not algorithmically possible to tell which call is which. With Retell’s unique, patent applied for technique, this logical problem is solved 100%.

Steve Cobley of Retell commented, ‘The introduction of our own, UK manufactured call recording platform has enabled us to offer resellers a 40% margin, reduce the cost of call recording to realistic levels, develop a unique recorder with integrated call management and now with possibly the most accurate call matching features on the market. Caller ID Decoration also overcomes problems associated with installing call recording on a PABX with phantom trunks.’

Retell have also developed Sense to include an optional Voice Firewall feature which unlike many call management systems that inform a customer of toll fraud after the event, will actually stop calls to numbers pre programmed by the owner. Cobley continues, ‘We are hearing almost weekly horror stories from resellers about their customer’s systems being hacked and are pleased to be able to offer yet another unique solution through the Sense platform’.

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