Increase Productivity the Green Way say Microsoft

Mark Deakin, Unified Communications Product Manager at Microsoft UK, has told Comms Business Magazine that it is inevitable that the economic climate will dictate the agenda for some time yet, as businesses concentrate on cutting costs, while continuing to drive revenue and seize new opportunities as much as possible.

“While the first instinct may be to slash IT budgets, companies must look at the bigger picture. There is a genuine opportunity to leverage existing and new IT resources that not only save money and drive value through these tough times but continue to reduce your carbon footprint, allowing the green agenda to remain a top priority regardless of the economic situation.

Making use of mobile technology such as smartphones and internet enabled laptops save your employees time and money and also avoid overseas travel. The Microsoft RoundTable device can similarly maximise productivity whilst reducing your carbon footprint through the use of this advanced video conferencing facility.

Businesses today are looking to the cloud as a cost-saving alternative but are often unaware of the environmental benefits it also facilitates – reducing in-house servers is the most obvious example. Office Live Workspace is another example of online software that enables employees to access company networks and information from any location, again reducing the need for unnecessary travel.

House of Fraser recognises the growing need for communication and collaboration in order to be financially competitive in today’s business environment. Through deploying Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, the retailer has been able to achieve this without losing sight of the responsibility we all have to the green agenda. The unified communications software helps to improve the company’s operating efficiency and competitiveness through such things as presence awareness, and video conferencing.”

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