Industrial WLAN Launch

Lancom Systems has just launched a portfolio of Wireless LAN (WLAN) industrial Ethernet networking products.

The range has been specifically developed for production, manufacturing, utility, transportation and logistics companies. Designed with a hardened metal casing for industrial environments, the products offer ‘off-the-shelf’ wireless Ethernet connectivity for specialist real-time applications such as remote controlled vehicles and robotic plants, measurement and control systems, production line data capture and remote monitoring.

All wireless access points in the portfolio have built-in three-factor security and IP router functionality, enabling fast, easy networking of production floor and office systems to support enhanced quality assurance, just-in-time processes and real-time fault monitoring.

Lancom’s products provide a highly cost-effective alternative to installing proprietary bus systems and offer significant benefits over wired Ethernet including lower installation costs, easier expandability and improved redundancy.

“There is massive demand for wireless Ethernet products in the industrial sector, but it’s been a relatively under served market to-date,” said Ian Holt, UK country manager at Lancom Systems. “Previously, firms have had to either go wired, which has obvious limitations in an industrial setting, or use proprietary wireless communication systems which creates major headaches in terms of compatibility, integration and scalability. Our new wireless Ethernet products offer the optimum solution and have built from the ground up to be industrial strength – in every sense. ”

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