Industry comments on RIM Blackberry Storm 2

Industry pundits have stated that BlackBerry’s release of Storm 2 is an admission by the device manufacturer that the first device was not up to par with touchscreen market competitors.

David Gehringer, vice president of marketing at system and device testing company Fanfare, said of the news: “The pending release of Blackberry’s Storm 2 brings to the forefront the reason why there is another version of Storm to begin with. The bugs that accompanied the first version demonstrate the increasing complexity involved with developing such an advanced, application rich handset.

“During a time when consumer expectations for their devices are at an all time high, it is incumbent on RIM to ensure that proper testing of handsets and their network reliant applications take place. With 4G around the corner, this complexity will only continue to increase. Companies like RIM, as well as service providers, must ensure that they have adequate testing strategies in place to capitalise on the opportunities and reduce customer churn,” noted Gehringer.

While Ernest Doku at, the mobile phone comparison site, added: “BlackBerry certainly whipped up a storm with the first Storm handset launched at the end of last year. To Blackberry’s credit, they took the widespread criticism on the chin, addressed the glaring faults levelled at Storm 1, and have moved swiftly to make the necessary changes.

“The physical keyboard is probably the Blackberry’s defining characteristic and to achieve a similar experience with a touchscreen proved a lot tougher than they initially thought it would be. A refinement of their Surepress technology appears to have given the Storm 2 the best of both worlds – the feedback and accuracy of a real button press, but without the keys.

“Storm 2 is primed to launch at the same time as the Palm Pre, and thanks to the Blackberry name, it is sure to be a success in the run-up to Christmas, repairing the damage left behind by Storm 1,” stated Doku.

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