Integrated Applications is key to 25-50 User PBX Market say Icon

Mark Shane, sales manager at ICON is confident that in the 25-50 user market the future is SIP, integrated, and flexible.

Mark says “The days when a phone system was the core component of a firm’s communications solution to which third party applications are added are rapidly ending. The next generation of business communications will be sold as integrated solutions and the bang per buck will go up as features introduced in the high end enterprise products migrate down to the SME equipment.”

This is not a rare insight into the workings of the telecoms market it is a fact of life in technology led markets. High end once expensive custom features become standard on commodity or low end products – just look at the car industry. The telecoms industry is no different. Except that some of the more traditional manufactures are slow to push the features down the product range.

Vertical Communications has never been slow to build advanced features into its mid and low end products. Products from this leading US manufacturer of IP phone systems have always pushed the feature and value for money envelop in the market and its current range of IP PBX products is no different. Vertical’s new 25-50 user offering, the Wave IP 2500, provides a complete unified communications solution for the SME business at an affordable price.

New product introductions in the 25-50 user market from vendors such as Vertical Communications embody the market’s demand for advanced communications tools and features and include integrated applications for unified messaging, desktop call management, call recording, voicemail and much more.

Mark explained that there are very few solutions available in the UK which offers the right degree of integration and flexibility. Flexibility to work with legacy phones and which can accommodate migration to IP is becoming increasingly important as 21CN is rolled out. Mark believes that solutions which don’t protect a customer’s legacy investment or which require a wholesale overnight migration to IP will struggle to find customers. The winners in this market will be the solutions such as Vertical Communications Wave which offers the customer the assurance that they can migrate to IP in their own time but are able to invest today in an advanced communications solution.

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