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Fresh from their move to new offices in Evesham Commsoft has launched CommsOffice, a product the vendor hails as the next generation of communications management software.

Nothing seems to stand still for any length of time at Commsoft and this month sees the launch of their next generation CommsOffice application. The new product delivers the usual high quality call management applications the channel has become accustomed to but now features some major enhancements.

CommsOffice delivers live ACD call statistics, a scrolling desktop wallboard which will run no matter what application you are working in and fully customisable agent views. Another major addition is E-mail, data traffic and web activity monitoring.

The concept behind the product has been clearly thought out with an on-going intensive build programme aimed at the communications part of any business. CommsOffice provides management information at a glance but also it is also easy to access a wide range of reports that show telephony and data usage in a business. The reports enable analysis of staff productivity, analysis of costs and connection performance capacity. Add to that recent European legislation that requires certain types of company to keep call records for one year and e-mail records for six months, in response to last year’s terrorist activity and CommsOffice becomes the solution to address many of today’s business issues.

The company says the new product features make CommsOffice ideal for contact centres and departments. Most resellers have identified vertical sectors in their customer and prospect database and all verticals are potential candidates for the product. If a company uses phones, PC’s or the internet they will be interested in monitoring their use. The ‘Today’ screen in CommsOffice shows a real-time, at a glance view of telephony and data usage and the whole product has been ergonomically designed for both managers and technical staff alike. There is a vast range of standard and easily customisable reports and multiple screen views available to the user plus the product is easy to install and maintain.

Commsoft say that while there is no comparable product currently in the market they have been careful to price this new offering to compete with existing standard call management packages whilst offering an extensive increase of features. Commsoft quote one leading distributor commented ‘Looking ahead, we believe that by supplying this voice and data reporting package, Commsoft will be the brand to beat in the UK and European markets’.

Anthony Church, MD of Commsoft says, “We are very proud of our new product, it has taken nearly a year to develop and a lot of resource. We listened to both what the UK dealer channel and end users want and we have tailored CommsOffice accordingly. With IP and converged solutions on everyone’s minds, it seems right to develop a solution that allows monitoring of both telephony and data traffic. The live ACD stats are great for any company that needs to monitor a group of agents or telephony driven departments. We have watched many other vendors over the past five years emulate our products and look forward to see what happens over the next 12 months. We see ourselves as the innovators in this field and we will continue to stay one step ahead of the rest.”

Church continued, “Traditionally the channel has been offered high quality call centre software but such products are seen as top-end and prohibitively expensive for the average contact centre or company but no longer! We have all of the same features and many more but at a fraction of the cost.”

Bonnie Church, Marketing Director at Commsoft recounted, “When he saw CommsOffice, one major UK reseller who has recently chosen us over a competitor that he has dealt with for years commented to me that this was exactly the kind of product that the channel has been waiting for and nearly fell off his seat when he heard the price and the dealer margins. This same reseller revealed that they are moving into the data market via acquisition and CommsOffice will be a big selling point. This reseller also said that at this price, his sales team could add the product to every switch and data sale quote and he could not see any potential customer objecting when they saw the features that they were getting with the entire switch solution.”

Commsoft will be demonstrating CommsOffice to the reseller channel this month in a series of meetings, seminars and events and they invite any reseller to contact them for further information.

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