Intelecom and Cloud9 Business Analytics partner to provide cloud contact centre services

Intelecom, a provider of cloud-based contact centre solutions, is working with Cloud9 Business Analytics Ltd, the call recording and quality monitoring software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, to provide customers with a fully integrated and secure call recording service.

The integration of Intelecom and Cloud9 products and services means that an organisation’s contact centre applications, call recording and quality monitoring activities can be entirely managed in the cloud and made available via the internet, leading to greater resilience and easier retrieval and playback of call recordings.

Adrian Sparks, UK Managing Director of Intelecom said “This partnership with Cloud9 Business Analytics provides Intelecom customers with the confidence that their voice recording service is actually working and the ability to quickly and easily playback calls. At the core of the managed service is proactive support for the system which saves time looking for calls which may not even have been recorded because a traditional system wasn’t working at that time. Combined Intelecom and Cloud9 Business Analytics product suites give customers the opportunity to work in a way that suits them. They do not have to change the way they work to accommodate technology as one time integration in the cloud smoothes the way. Our aim is always to provide a cohesive solution leading to outstanding customer service.”

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