Intelecom beefs up contact centre in the cloud

Intelecom responds to customer demand with two major enhancements that give agents faster and greater control in a contact centre environment

Intelecom has added powerful new tagging and media archiving features to Connect. The two enhancements, combined with advanced reporting capabilities, provide agents with faster and greater control over their day-to-day contact centre environment. Available immediately, the latest version of Connect provides an effective and efficient way to capture and categorise customer enquiries with sophisticated tagging that facilitates faster, more accurate reporting and decision-making.

Intelecom’s Enquiry Registration gives users the ability to assign or ‘tag’ all incoming enquiries whether by telephone, email, SMS, chat or social media requests – to specific topics from a single, easy-to-use interface. If a customer has a query about their invoice or paying by credit card, the agent can quickly assign the enquiry to an invoice or payment category and, in a matter of seconds, use the information held in the Intelecom system to extract meaningful reports. For example, at the end of the day, data might demonstrate that, out of 100 calls, 80 relate to invoice issues enabling managers to spot trends, prioritise issues and tackle problem areas promptly.

The second new feature in the latest release of Connect is Intelecom’s Media Archive facility. This provides a significantly faster alternative to downloading telephone recordings from the traditional method from an FTP server. Users simply access Connect Control, Intelecom’s 100% web-based administration portal to search for recordings by date, agent name or different queue type. Very quickly, it can be established when the recording started, who took the call and how long it lasted and then listen to the call at the click of a button. Intelecom plans to extend the current voice functionality to other media like Chat, in the near future.

Christian Thorsrud, Product Manager at Intelecom Group AS, commented, “Our customers are looking for sophisticated product innovations that put them in complete control, helping them to create an efficient and effective contact centre. This latest version of Connect reflects our commitment to working closely with users to develop simple to use, all in one place technology that adapts to the challenges of today’s multi-channel communications environment. Connect provides contact centres with access to highly tailored, real-time information that boosts productivity and improves the overall customer experience.”

The 100% web-based nature of Connect means users can access the system from any location and from any device. The round-the-clock availability of accurate information provides a dynamic overview of all contact centre activities, aiding proactive and improved decision-making facilitating superior customer experience. Intelecom’s recently launched Connect Control administration portal gives supervisors crucial information to manage their customer contact operations in real-time. From a single interface administrators can quickly add new users, modify access settings, build bespoke reports and change routing patterns.

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