Intelligent UPS Systems

Following what they describe as a breakthrough in intelligence technology that can now cut energy bills even further, UK suppliers of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions, Borri Ltd, has released its latest range of UPS systems.

Their new B9000FXS and B9600FXS series incorporates Smart OnLine technology (SOL), which monitors the quality of power supplied, and chooses the most efficient operating mode based on the environmental conditions at the time and can, they claim, achieve efficiency levels of up to 99 per cent.

SOL allows the user to select how and when it is to operate in a high-efficiency, direct line mode. The system will always revert to a conditioned line mode as default, until an operator defines the characteristics to run in high-efficiency direct line mode, giving the user total control.

Borri’s new SOL technology empowers the UPS system to automatically switch between the two operating modes depending on the quality of the mains supply and in line with the characteristics specified by the user.

To further demonstrate its commitment to increasing power efficiency, Borri recently introduced a UPS scrappage scheme, which offers a minimum £1,000 to end users if they replace an existing UPS system with an ECO-UPS solution.

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