IntelligentComms Launches Veropath Division to Reseller Channel

IntelligentComms, the UK specialist in telecoms expenses management, has launched a new division, Veropath, to focus on indirect sales of its telecoms expenses management service. The new division will spearhead the company’s strategy for growth.

Veropath offers resellers a margin opportunity which also saves money for customers. The cost savings generated by the service can free ICT budgets to pay for the Veropath service and incremental services and systems.

Gartner research estimates that 80% of telecoms bills contain errors and up to 35% of all fixed telecoms assets are surplus to requirement.

David Pitts commented: “Veropath provides top resellers with a value-add service for their portfolio that can help them develop much closer relationships with customers.”

Veropath is actively recruiting resellers in a range of business relationship models: Business Partners who can add Veropath to their range of communications-related service portfolio; Consulting and Outsourcing Partners who deliver tangible and sustainable improvements to their clients; and Referral Partners who can just make a commission on a sale.

Veropath brings billing information for landlines, mobiles and data services from all major suppliers into a single platform for customers. All telecoms suppliers offer billing information in different electronic (and paper) formats making it difficult for customers to reconcile the information. Veropath enables customers to view billing data and interrogate the information to verify if it is correct, to allocate it to cost centres accurately and to make informed decisions.

The active management of telecoms expenses enables companies to save up to 50% on telecoms expenditure and allows them to make informed decisions about suppliers, tariffs and equipment (source: IntelligentComms customer case studies). Most organisations over-pay for their telecoms services by being on incorrect tariffs from their suppliers, paying for services no longer being used and from incorrect billing.

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