Inter-Tel Receives Internet Telephony Excellence Award

Only recently launched in the UK, the new Inter-Tel 7000 PBX system has been named a recipient of Technology Marketing Corporation’s (TMC) Internet Telephony Excellence Award in the US.

“Inter-Tel has done a remarkable job in developing a pure standards-based, IP solution that delivers the functionality, reliability and security that businesses demand,” remarked Rich Tehrani, president of TMC. “The Inter-Tel 7000 is certainly a prime example of excellence in IP communications.”

Serving businesses with up to 2,500 users per site, the Inter-Tel 7000 is one of the first business communications systems developed with SIP at the core. The system offers PBX-style functionality and is designed to feature a number of advanced capabilities, such as embedded presence management tools and mobility features.

As a standards-based system, the Inter-Tel 7000 gives customers the flexibility to integrate existing and future standards-based devices and applications into their infrastructure.

“We are delighted that the Inter-Tel 7000 is generating so much interest and excitement among industry analysts, media, channel partners and, most importantly, customers,” remarked Craig W. Rauchle, president and chief operating officer for Inter-Tel. “We believe they recognize that this platform represents a new direction for businesses looking to leverage the power of IP communications both now and into the future.”

“Our company had the foresight and courage to invest over three years and tens of millions of dollars in developing a next-generation system that we believe will help redefine enterprise communications,” noted Jeffrey T. Ford, Inter-Tel’s chief technology officer. “We are extremely proud that this investment has become reality. We believe the Inter-Tel 7000 offers a compelling solution that can help businesses meet communications requirements through advanced technology designed to improve business performance.”

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