Interoute Helps Video Arts bring e-learning content closer to its customers

Voice and data network company Interoute has today announced that Video Arts, the UK’s leading provider in learning content is using Media Manager, Interoute’s streaming and download platform. Video Arts is using Media Manager to stream its entire training video portfolio, which comprises 100s of it’s most popular titles, and includes more than 1,000 individual learning chapters, for its new Digital Content Library (DCL).

The DCL brings learning content much closer to Video Arts’ customers, providing new found flexibility and accessibility. Video Arts content is available in smaller, bite-sized chunks, so allows customers to use the content in different learning situations, from classroom based learning to customised emails which are more relevant and specific to their individual needs.

Interoute has a rich pedigree in streaming video content for businesses with its award winning Media Manager solution. Media Manager is easy to use and ideally suited for organisations that have high volumes of on-demand content such as movies, music, software and training materials for web, mobile and IPTV. It also comes with a Content Protection Gateway that prevents unauthorised users from accessing and forwarding on content, as well as a number of other security features such as DRM.

For Video Arts, keeping the content secure and easy to access for its customers was of paramount importance. Martin Addison, Managing Director, Video Arts said: “Taking our learning content online has had a massive impact on the way we do business. To do this we needed a streaming platform that offered us the highest levels of security possible. Media Manager not only delivers this but ensures our customers receive the best possible delivery experience.”

Video Arts online gives the customer instant access to their content in a much more flexible format. A customer can license and stream individual titles or the entire digital content library, which gives them access to more than 100 of the most popular Video Arts programmes. Customers can stream content online or access the video content over their own network, or even straight to their laptop.

“Online video streaming is the future of the training industry, and providing that content in an easily-accessible way is crucial to increasing take up,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director, Video Arts. “The way in which organisations use learning content has changed beyond recognition, and Media Manager has been instrumental in allowing us to provide the flexibility customers are now demanding.”

Media Manager comes with a number of advanced features including online tools for reporting, syndication and instant Podcasting tools. Media Managers’ pre installed DRM and token security functions make it simple to protect all your content at the click of a button.

“Media Manager can be as feature-rich as our customers need it to be,” said Oisin Lunny Product Manager, Online Distribution & Media Services, Interoute. “And as a fully managed service it allows Video Arts to concentrate on what it does best, rather than having to worry about the technical details of streaming its content.”

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