Introducing Cloud Billing by PRD

Billing firm PRD says that for a long time, despite the availability of simple and affordable billing solutions, smaller resellers have been asking for a cloud based solution that can get them up and running as quickly as possible. As a result PRD has responded to this demand with QuickStart GO (QS GO).

PRD recognise that running a billing platform can be a time consuming enterprise, not to mention a tricky skill to master, and have developed QuickStart GO (QS GO) to address this challenge. “QS Go has been created to fill the void”, says Simon Adams of PRD, “The absenteeism of cloud billing has left start-ups and core resellers with little in terms of alternative options from billing specialists. With QS Go, you simply need access to the Internet whilst also being confident that you are not sacrificing on quality and scalability.”

QS Go is a cloud based billing platform that draws upon PRD’s many years of billing experience, customer care and feedback. Although highly scalable and capable of interfacing into other systems, QS Go is aimed for start-ups and core resellers whilst also being highly intuitive and able to adapt to a clients specific needs. It’s as close to an off the shelf product as possible without losing the flexibility essential to most businesses.

There is no capital outlay or up-front fees, only affordable monthly charges and with no minimum contract periods. A reseller can be up and running in hours and then have the comfort of immediate help desk support and customer care. QuickStart Billing is designed by specialists, and although they look after carriers and large telecoms, they also understand the challenges of a smaller reseller.

PRD says QS Go is an easy compact billing solution, which reflects a deeper understanding of the challenges inherent in telecoms operations and workflow. QS Go offers an out-of-the-box billing platform developed using carrier-grade technology and 4GL from 20 years billing development and deployment experience. It has been designed with the challenges of a smaller telco and start-ups in mind. However up-grade versions of QuickStart Billing are available, especially as businesses grow and requirements become more complex, they can step up to QuickStart PRO (QS PRO). This is available for more complex resellers, high in functionality and can be customised to meet telecoms exact billing requirements. QS PRO has been in deployment since 2002.

Adams concludes, “With QS GO it is possible to offer resellers an intuitive cost effective cloud solution many have been asking for.”

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