Invomo Application Centre Launched

Telecoms services company Invomo has announced the opening of Invomo Application Centre, a web-based interface that provides a showcase for its products in an easy to use and interactive way. Invomo Application Centre has detailed information on the applications which Invomo has deployed and shows the benefits that users can expect.

A number of demonstrations have been created so that potential users can experience at first-hand how each application works in practice. The Application Centre, for example, outlines how a Virtual Switchboard can help vendors manage incoming calls effectively, or learn how Virtual Lines gives the ability to build Interactive Voice Recognition, SMS and web-based applications without having to invest in expensive capital equipment using Invomo’s hosting services.

As well as the demonstrations and case studies showing how organisations such as Auto Trader, iProfile, Adrian Flux and Ad.IQ are using Invomo’s applications to take communication with their customers to a new level, the Centre features Kate’s Interactive Guided Tour. This tour takes prospective customers through the details of each application and demonstrates how easy, for example, it is to buy numbers or call management packages and set them up.

Nick Wiley, CEO of Invomo, said: “Invomo provides the telecommunications applications that not only provide a better service to customers – they also make businesses money by producing more opportunities to sell to the customer. In the insurance market, for example, Call Back Request has allowed one of our insurance clients to generate a steady stream of new business and track potential customers more effectively.”

Kate Roberts, Commercial Consumer Manager, Auto Trader said: “The launch of Invomo Application Centre makes it even easier to explore the services which Invomo offers in a friendly, interactive way which I can see would have been great to use when we were looking for our solution. Invomo ensured that Telesafe (Call Tracking and Blocking) was simple to set up and use. With 10m users on, vehicles sell fast which can cause frustration when buyers ring to find that a vehicle is no longer available. Advertisers can easily delete their adverts when a vehicle is sold – preventing unwanted calls and ensuring only available cars are displayed on our website.”

The Application Centre provides full information on the following Invomo applications: Call Back Request, Call Recording, Call Tracking and Blocking, On Request Routing, Virtual Lines, On Request Routing and Virtual Switchboard.

Invomo specialises in hosted applications and services to help organisations enhance their communication with customers. Invomo is an independent network operator with state of the art hosting facilities. All their telephony services adhere to current Ofcom regulations and the Code of Practice as set out by PhonepayPlus.

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