Invomo Launch Self Service Business Telephony

Invomo has announced the launch of Invomo2go, a new, dedicated portal offering hosted business telephony and call management services for sole traders and small and medium sized enterprises. The purpose of Invomo2go is to make it easy for these businesses to access affordable, added-value telephony services and thus improve their customer contact and customer service capabilities.

Telephony-based customer service tends to be leveraged by larger organisations, making them better placed to win and retain business. Invomo2go seeks to empower SME’s by reducing that gap in capability while also offering significant reductions in the cost and effort required to set up and manage business telephony.

To achieve this, Invomo2go is completely self-service, accessible through a simple web interface that has been designed to ensure ease of use. An interactive guided tour on the homepage at guides the potential customer through the services available on the site. Additionally, tailored segments of the interactive guide provide relevant help and support to the customer while they select and set up their required numbers and services. offers a searchable database of the wide portfolio of telephone numbers available for purchase from Invomo. SME’s can select a number that reflects the business’ operations (e.g. a number ending in 247 for a business offering 24-hour service) or simply a memorable repeating number sequence.

The types of numbers available include 0800 freephone, 0845 / 0844 Lo-call numbers, 0870 / 0871 / 0872 National Business numbers, 09 Premium Rate and 070 Personal Numbers.

The SME can then combine the number(s) with a choice of call management packages, all of which include easy to administer web management, call statistics and basic call routing as well as flexible options to choose additional functionality, such as call divert, voicemail and call queuing – whatever best suits the business’ needs.

Setup is fast and efficient – the SME simply pays by credit card on the site and the selected numbers and services are available within 48 hours, if not immediately.
“Invomo2go made it easy for me to select a number for my new business and the online setup process was a piece of cake,” commented Invomo2go customer Stuart Hillston, Constellation Capital Ltd. “I need to redirect my calls regularly because I’m based at my work and home offices on different days. Now anyone can get hold of me when they need to, no matter where I am. The Invomo2go portal means I’m in control – for example, I can re-route my incoming calls in seconds. Moreover, the basic package I purchased is exactly what I need at the moment but it’s reassuring to know that additional functionality is available from Invomo2go as my business telephony needs change.”

“Today’s consumers have very high expectations of customer service and want to be able to reach the right person with the minimum of delay but it can be hard for sole traders, small office / home office workers and SME’s to make sure that customer contact is handled well,” concluded Nick Wiley, CEO of Invomo. “Invomo2go is completely self-service, so SME’s can pick and choose the products and services that will help them improve this aspect of their business while benefiting from total transparency in terms of costs. Moreover, they can be assured of quality and reliability of service, thanks to our ultra-reliable carrier-grade networks and technology partnerships, all backed by 24/7 support. It’s big-business service for smaller businesses, at a sustainable price.”

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