iPhone users SPB Online Games

SPB Software, a mobile software developer, has announced the launch of SPB Online Games on iPhone.

With more than 100 thousands of registered players on the network and approximately two million game sets played, SPB Online Games became very popular among Windows Mobile users. Now iPhone owners have an opportunity to get in touch with each other through joining the community of SPB Online Games players.

SPB Online Games is a collection of four instant online games (two versions of Checkers, Hexagon, or Reversi) that improve strategic and logic skills and can be played with real people from literally anywhere in the world, in real time.

The SPB Online Games don’t require any registration or configuration and each game is really easy to start: it can be launched within 30 seconds and if interrupted, continued from the spot it was left off.

The free ad-supported version is available to download from the App Store and can be upgraded to the paid ads-free version afterwards.

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