Is this the Next ‘Killer’ Application?

Following a successful beta testing period, Final Defence, the Remote Data Deletion (RDD) ‘laptop killing’ software is now available to consumers and businesses as a quick and easy download from the company website.

With over 72,000 laptops stolen in the UK each year, including the high profile theft of the laptop from Great Ormond Street Hospital containing sensitive data, Final Defence provides a ‘last option’ insurance policy for laptop and business owners.

Roger Walker, CEO of Interficio Limited, said: “With one simple phone call all of your ‘stolen or lost’ data and worries are gone!

“Whether it’s a hospital, the MOD, the Government or even a bank that has been in the headlines of late, ALL of these high profile data losses could have been avoided with Final Defence. We’ve had some blue chip brands trial the software and we’ve had a 100% satisfaction rate!”

Final Defence is an intelligent software program that passively operates in the computer, ready for activation should a theft be reported. The software, when triggered, has many functions that it can perform.

– It records the IP address of the place where the laptop is switched on

– This can then be given to the Police for tracking purposes

– Final Defence can then within seconds delete all information or pre-selected data files

– Provide a ‘time to live’ feature, where the system can automatically override and delete information should the laptop not connect to the internet for a user-specified duration.

“We utilise our own Remote Data Deletion protocol, which is unbreakable and operated to a military standard, meaning that the data can be destroyed without trace. The only loss is the cost of the laptop, which is easily replaced, not the information and data contained in it,” continued Walker.

“Data theft, which is the digital equivalent of the great train robbery, is recognised as the biggest threat to online and mobile PC users. Final Defence is the best insurance policy in these situations! It can also help companies and government departments to stay within the legislation of the Data Protection Act, yet not impede the ability to be mobile with the data.”

“Final Defence is just the first product in a line of solutions that we have available,” said Walker. “We’re investing heavily on the research and development of the next generation data protection solution and expect to see the system evolve over the coming years.”

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