ISDN 30 call recording-now even more choice from Retell – CEBIT Press release

Retell launched the latest upgrade to their low cost ISDN 30 call recording systems at Cebit. The PRI recording range is changing to accommodate any number of channels from 1 to 30. Commenting on the release of the new expandable range Steve Cobley, Head of Business Development said, ‘This is an important step as prior to this launch a customer with 18 channels of ISDN 30 would have no option but to buy a 30 channel system. Now the customer simply chooses the number of channels required and resellers can gain valuable add on sales when the customer expands”.

In addition a customer can test the concept of recording on their ISDN 30 lines with a small system installed on only a few channels and/or pick out specific DDI numbers to be recorded. Prices to the end user could be as low as £3000 for a starter system.
A choice of three different base units, various hard drive sizes, CD-RW drives, rack mount units, archiving software (which includes basic call management), encryption cards and monitoring software are available giving resellers the opportunity to match their customer’s exact requirement.

Cobley continued, “It’s important to remember that these systems all have an independent hard drive as well as archiving calls to a PC or CD-RW drive. Some systems on the market only record to a PC with potentially disastrous consequences if the PC crashes or is disconnected”.

Retell also have a range of recording systems for installations above 30 channels, for VoIP and in June will also launch expandable ISDN 2 systems.

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