ISDN on Death Row with No Chance of Reprieve

According to Paul Taylor of Voiceflex there is no question in anybodies mind SIP trunking will replace ISDN it’s simply a matter of time.

“Most of the main line PBX manufactures have introduced SIP Trunking on their platforms, the ones that haven’t will do this year. BT is drip feeding information into the market concerning Next Generation Networks (NGN), we all need to take note of the information; it will change the way our customers operate forever

The World Wide Web is immensely more powerful than an ISDN line and since the launch of ISDN in the UK there have been little additional features added.

SIP trunking already provides more features, benefits and flexibility than ISDN and we are very much still in the early adopter stage. As SIP is an application development layer incorporating text and video, we will see more applications launched embracing all three.

The applications will be faster and more cost-effective to bring to market as they will be developed for a world wide, not a provincial market. With in our industry sector voice is the main driver, the prime function of a telephony application.

Will this change? Of course it will. The prime function of a mobile phone was to make and receive telephone calls. In 90% of the civilised world this is not the case any more, text messaging is on a par if not more important to the user than voice.

SIP will provide real unified communication applications which we can call benefit from all delivered down a xDSL service.”

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