ISDN, Overtaken by SIP Within Two Years says Nimans

Resellers have discovered the secrets to SIP sales success and heard how ISDN will be overtaken in the next two years by the popular connectivity protocol.

Nimans recently hosted two SIP Trunk workshops, including its first London-based event – part of a new dedicated SIP service. Attendees in the capital and also Manchester were told ‘now is the time’ to capture the ‘massive market potential’ – with the SMB arena set for the biggest growth, based on a strategic sales approach.

Over 20 resellers attended the first session in central London whilst a similar healthy turnout converged at Nimans’ North West headquarters a few days later. Several had not sold SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) before.

One Derby-based reseller explained afterwards: “I hadn’t sold SIP before but I was obviously aware of it so I came here today to get a basic understanding. I’m definitely leaving with more confidence and will be selling it in the future. I’ve been building up a portfolio and looking for a partner that understands the market. It’s been really good today; a pure sales course that made a refreshing change from the ‘white noise’ of technical presentations. Although it’s a very complex subject Nimans made a great job of simplifying things. It’s not about seeing the potential of SIP because it’s there…. and time to grab a share of the market. So thanks for the presentation. I found it very informative and didn’t yawn once!”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine