Isode and Fine Point Technologies Ireland offer push email for providers

Fine Point Technologies Ireland, a provider of mobile device detection, automatic device management and service provisioning software
Solutions, and Isode, the messaging and directory server software company, have joined forces to bring new solution, One Touch, to market.

One Touch is a secure, easy to activate, automatically provisioned push email solution for mobile service providers looking to provide efficient mobile email services to any user with a mobile phone.

By combining Finepoint’s Pervenio Activator over the air configuration system and Isode’s M-Box Gateway, One Touch allows a vast range of mobile phone email clients to access new and legacy (POP) email accounts using the open IMAP-IDLE standard for email delivery.

One Touch is a complete solution for mobile service providers (MSPs) that wish to provide high quality, robust, secure and efficient push email services to their end users.

Ian Deakin, chief technology oifficer at Fine Point Technologies Ireland,
said: “As a result of our collaboration, we can provide an extremely powerful yet easy to use push mobile email solution for the widest range of mobile devices ensuring that customers can activate the service themselves rather than having to wait for intervention by a third party was important to ensuring a positive end user experience.”

Will Sheward, Isode VP marketing, added: “The marriage of our M-Box Gateway with Pervenio’s activator service through integration work done at both of our companies has enabled us to put together a solution that addresses the needs of both MSPs and their end users. The provision of efficient mobile email access to new or legacy email accounts with minimal intervention from the MSP is something the market needs and has been unable to find at a reasonable price from competitive companies.”

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