ISP Moves its Customer Service from India to the UK

186k, a Leeds-based privately owned internet service provider, has moved its end user customer service from India back to the United Kingdom. 186k has switched customer support back to the UK in order to improve its response times and service levels by telephone, web and email.

Dominic Marrocco, owner of 186k said: “We are very excited about our new end-user customer support. It will prove to be vital for our new converged product ranges coming out in 2008. Many lessons in the sector have been learned in 2007. The market is evolving with support becoming king and speed his chariot! We continue to grow at a huge rate with several new acquisitions lined up.”

186k has grown rapidly over the last few years, thanks to an aggressive acquisition strategy and an initial investment of over £20m. All of 186K’s end user brands will benefit from the new UK customer support including consumer and home broadband ISP EFH broadband and specialist small business ISP Mailbox .

186K has awarded the multi-million pound customer support contract to Belfast-based Firenet, which will create several hundred new jobs over the next three years in Northern Ireland.

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