ISPs Need to Respond say Grant Thornton

Steve Everhard, Technology Director at Grant Thornton, commenting on the recent Ofcom report in to real ISP internet speeds says: “Considering the growing need that consumers have for faster high-speed internet access, as well the governments commitment to a more enhanced digital future in the UK, it is surprising that some ISPs have broadband speeds that do not exceed those found on some new generation mobile phones. Especially of concern are the 20 per cent of subscribers that don’t even meet the Government de minimis target of 2MB.

“The volume of digital content is set to increase by 10-100 times over the next 3-5 years, with streaming content requiring speeds of 5MB+ for the best experience. It is therefore essential that the communications industry responds competitively to both this and the requirements of consumers or they risk many switching to other services and technologies that better suit their needs.”

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