IT Sonix Deliver 20% more Efficiency

IT Sonix UK has announced an innovative new addition to its portfolio for contact centre management and appointment setting services.

GeoDialing makes it easy for users to book appointments in a routed, efficient way. When used with predictive dialling software such as the ELSBETH PredictiveDialer, GeoDialing allows contacts to be called automatically based on geographic location.

This means that the routes that are generated are efficient, smart and as closely routed as possible. Saving travelling time; sales people can be assigned more appointments per day, reducing fuel costs and your organisations carbon footprint.

Once the dialler is given a starting point; an address within a pre-defined sales area the software will contact the address that is geographically closest to that point. Once the first appointment has been arranged the software will dial the next closest contact in geographical terms, ensuring short distances between appointments.

In addition to the appointment routing the software ensures all sales people have enough appointments. This means the sales people that have few or no appointments are automatically assigned more calls, and if a calendar is full, no further calls are made for them.

“The IT Sonix PredictiveDialer is geared to help businesses improve efficiency, the introduction of GeoDialing is a key benefit for users and businesses to increase efficiency rates by 20%”, says Philip Moran, Sales Director for IT Sonix. “This technology helps sales people manage their diaries more effective, attend more appointments, save time and fuel with the added convenience of it all being linked in real time to their smart phones.” We believe it is the most efficient appointment setting software on the market.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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