ITEC Simplify Mobile Convergence

Today’s converged world has been calling for a seamless integration of GSM phones and the company PBX. Up until the recent release of intelligent mobile devices and “internet” phones the method of adding a GSM phone to a private telephone system was both complex and expensive. Now that SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and VoIP clients have been integrated into some mobile technology a financially attractive solution for office and mobile integration exists.

Many users of these next generation intelligent mobile devices such as the Nokia N80i and e-series of phones have tried using these phones with their SIP based VoIP PBX’s and services but have found that the configuration required at the PBX is complex. This complexity stacks up as more and more employees require convergence between their office system and their mobile devices.

Itec Intelligent Services have tested and implemented a convergence telephony solution from AYCTelecom that requires no extension configuration in order to integrate mobile SIP devices as extension handsets.

This solution requires basic configuration of the mobile devices only and uses a totally “hands off” configuration for the telephone system itself. Brett Green from Itec Intelligent Services explains “A mobile client is configured using a basic step by step configuration guide; there is no requirement to manage the AYCTelecom PBX at all.” He continues “The technical difficulties are typically based around installing and configuring SIP based telephone systems and gateways, this technical headache has been removed. Mobile convergence is now open to all who understand the benefits of such a system; it’s not just for the “techies” any more. What’s more, the operational costs involved in using an IT engineer to re-configure the PBX, to integrate with the mobile devices have been eliminated with this solution”.

The solution uses the AYCTelecom IPcts as a SIP platform linked to QoS aware wireless access points. The mobile devices register and make calls over their WLAN connection to the IPcts. This gives the customer the benefit of owning and controlling their own PBX system with the flexibility of intelligently routing mobile device traffic over the local PSTN or to a SIP service provider network.

Ross Teague, Director of Itec Intelligent Services states “There is a ‘buzz’ in the market right now regarding the possibilities of this kind of convergence. Forums and discussion groups have been filling up with mobile handset users asking for advice on how to use the VoIP capability on their mobile devices” He goes on to explain “We have a mixture of N series and E series Nokia phones in our own office and they are all configured to interoperate with our IPcts telephone system. Most of our users prefer using their mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets so working with this solution is ideal for us”.

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