ITS Gives Partners Ultrafast Wholesale Networks

ITS has committed to provide partners a 45 day lead time for services on their ultrafast wholesale networks across the UK.

Partners are now able to resell ITS’s connectivity services available on all wholesale networks such as London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and BNet Ultra in Bristol (a joint venture with NetSupport UK Ltd). ITS are expected to announce two further network builds in the next few weeks extending their ever growing network and services portfolio.

Wholesale partners will be supported by a new partner programme run via a dedicated team and an online portal where they will be access all their commercial and network marketing information.

Roy Shelton CEO of ITS Technology Group commented, “It is a very exciting time for us, we have 21 networks that we have designed, built and managed; including collaborations with councils, local authorities, rural estates and strategic partners. It makes perfect sense to create a formal framework to support our key partnerships and proactively develop new relationships with strategic partners. Maximising the potential of these networks benefits everyone involved including investors, stakeholders, businesses and communities.”

Lisa Harding, Head of Strategic Partnerships said, “We are totally committed to helping partners gain a greater market share. Following a comprehensive competitive analysis it was abundantly clear to us that alternative network operators need to be able to offer more than a better price point. They need to be able to offer low contention, symmetrical, high speed business class services. Our easy to use partner portal, faster delivery and 24×7 support will help partners achieve this.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine