itsmy boosts its mobile gaming playground with new social features

Social gaming community itsmy has expanded its mobile browser game platform with new social features to better link the various games and game players within itsmy and to encourage networking and communication between the gamers.

The new social features just launched on itsmy are:

Real friends and Game Buddies: From now on gamers receive cross- and in-game notifications, whenever a friend starts playing a game in the itsmy game world. It will pop up like this: ‘Your friend David logged in and started playing the Game ‘itsmy Creatures’. Wanna challenge?”

Customisation possibilities for Gamers Playgrounds: Add favourite games, buddies and trophies to the personal playground with one click. Style and personalise the playground with game fan themes in the look and feel of favourite games.

In-game gifting: To make mobile games more social itsmy invented game relevant virtual gifts you can unlock, achieve or buy either to show on the own playground or to make friends or game buddies happy.

In-game messaging: Through all itsmy games messages can be sent to other players to ask for a helping hand, stay informed, to plan team strategies and exchange hints and tips, to have a chat with a game buddy 10 levels above or just to drop a “Where did you get this trophy?” to a friend.

Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO itsmy, said: “We’ve build an easy to use and pure mobile gaming platform for the whole world, for all phones and with connections to all online and mobile social networks, so that people can play games on their mobile phones with their friends no matter where they are, without downloading an app or starting a PC.”

Staybl added: “Mobile first is the way how we will play it, and in future there will be many big internet companies doing the same.”

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