Jabra launches Evolve2 range

Jabra has announced the launch of its Evolve2 range, designed specifically to support digital transformation in the modern workplace. The Evolve2 85, Evolve2 65, and Evolve2 40 headsets are engineered to help businesses navigate the growing challenges of today’s workplaces in driving adoption of UC&C, while ensuring concentration, collaboration and flexibility remain a priority for employees.

Since Jabra’s Evolve range first hit the market in 2014, office work has changed significantly. Tasks are increasing in complexity and are creating a higher need for collaboration, causing an increase of distractions and noise in the office. As a result, workplace productivity remains a constant battle for businesses globally.

But it is not only our office environment that have evolved. In today’s society where our work and private lives overlap regularly, it is important that tech solutions can support every scenario.

Besides elevating productivity inside and outside the workplace, the Evolve2 range allows for monitoring and analysing the entire UC ecosystem in the company to secure stable and high call quality.

Evolve2 will integrate with several software/monitoring vendors to allow IT Directors and other decision-makers to analyse the performance of every Jabra headset and quickly identify the root cause of poor call quality – whether it is due to Wi-Fi router, UC infrastructure, or the individual user’s headset settings through the Jabra Xpress software. The software also enables easy and secure management of headsets, allowing for firmware updates and the implementation of new features to make life easier for the IT department.

As a result, resellers can now offer businesses the ability to advance their digital evolution by future-proofing their employees with the Evolve2 range.

Holger Reisinger, SVP, Enterprise Solutions at Jabra, said: “As the importance of digital transformation grows, UC adoption and productivity is climbing the ranks as a key challenge for enterprises globally. We are seeing a growing demand for such solutions from businesses and the channel community. In this scenario, tech can exist as both the problem and the solution. The right tech can help eliminate the hurdles, drive positive user experience and elevate productivity. Our new Evolve2 range aims to do exactly that: by engineering a no-compromise headset that helps companies drive UC adoption and deliver collaboration, concentration and flexibility to the users. With this top-of-the class business headset range, resellers can be certain that they are delivering the ultimate audio experience to their valuable customers worldwide.”

The Evolve2 65 has three microphones of which two is located in the boom-arm and one in the right ear cup. The headset offers up to 37 hours of battery life and three times better real wireless range than the existing Evolve 65.

The Evolve2 40 is a corded variant and offers the same comfort, durability and user experience as the Evolve2 65.

The Evolve2 85 and Evolve2 65 will include the Jabra Link 380, Jabra’s new BT adapter (dongle) that will be available in either USB-C or USB-A version.

The certification pending Microsoft Teams variants in the range have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button which allows instant connection to colleagues and meetings. For these versions the special status indicator LED on the headset can signal different issues, like missing a call or a meeting.

Evolve2 85 STEREO MSRP £382 (£416 with desk stand for charging)
Evolve2 65 STEREO MSRP £178 MSRP, £249 (£212 with desk stand for charging)
Evolve2 65 MONO MSRP £169 MSRP (£203 MSRP with desk stand for charging)
Evolve2 40 STEREO MSRP £101 MSRP
Evolve2 40 MONO MSRP £93 MSRP

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine