Jabra Unveils New Headset Range for Multitasking Office Professionals

Headset vendor GN has today unveiled a completely new category of Bluetooth headsets. The Jabra JX10, Jabra BT5020 and Jabra BT5010 are the first in a range of Jabra branded products that can be paired with a number of communication devices, such as mobile phones, desk phones as well as PC soft-phones for VoIP.

The multi-use range has been developed specifically for office professionals who are constantly on the move, using a combination of mobile phones, traditional desk phones and VOIP to keep in contact. With 86 per cent of organisations now allowing staff to work from home at least one day a week, the new range of lightweight and stylish multiuse headsets are an ideal all-in-one communication solution for professionals who divide their time between the office, the road and home.

Like mobile headsets, the Jabra multiuse range uses a Bluetooth connection and work with all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. In addition, they connect to desk-phones through the Jabra A7010 Bluetooth hub or to soft-phones through the Jabra A330 USB dongle, eliminating the need for separate headsets for different devices.

Set up is easy, getting users connected to their mobile and desk phone in a matter of minutes and freeing them from the restraints of cords and leads. Once connected, all call handling is controlled via the headset including answering and ending the call, volume control as well as voice-activated dialing and redialing. In addition, the same wireless headset is used for hands-free communication whether the user is in the office or on the move.

“Our new multiuse range provides office professionals with the best of both worlds; the lightweight design and ergonomic form-factor of our Jabra mobile products and the enhanced sound, comfort and connectivity of our office products,” said Jan McNair, VP of GN”. “Office workers are now more mobile than ever, dividing their time between home, client sites and on the road, but the need to remain in constant contact has never been higher, our new range of multiuse headsets will bring about an effective new way to communicate, wherever the user is.”

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