James Bond Mobile Phone – Secure & Encrypted

As security ramps up for the London Olympics, keep your business secure, and your personal life private, with a mobile that’s spy-proof and stylish.

Security will be paramount this summer, as dignitaries and corporate sponsors hit London for the Olympics. But one important detail is often overlooked – how easily criminals, cyber-terrorists and foreign agencies can listen in on mobile phone calls. The new Tripleton Enigma E2 mobile phone lets you make calls that no-one in the world can spy on.

It’s the stuff of James Bond storylines… Ordinary GSM calls are easily intercepted by a “man in the middle” attack, where a gadget pretends to be a nearby base station. The basic encryption used for GSM can be cracked by portable gadgets that fit in a briefcase and can cost as little as £1,000.
And mobile phone networks may not encrypt at all at busy times, making life easier for the cyber spy.
GSM calls can also be compromised from within the mobile phone network. For example, in the run-up to the 2004 Olympics in Athens, more than 100 politicians’ and civil servants’ mobile phones were tapped illegally via the network by an unknown foreign agency. Their calls were monitored for nearly a year before it was uncovered.

In comparison, “crypto” calls on the Enigma E2 are 100% secure. They are safe from “man in the middle” attacks, and in-network attacks like the Athens case, because security is fully independent of the network. The phone does this by using a unique second SIM card containing highly secure keys, unique codes that a pair of Enigma phones use to authenticate each other and set up a highly encrypted call. The authentication and encryption are virtually impossible to break – many security specialists have tried but none have succeeded – so no-one can listen in.

To make a secure call on the Enigma E2, simply press the “crypto” button to call another Enigma phone. It takes 7 seconds or less to set up the call, after which there’s no perceptible delay. In fact voice quality is superb.
And the E2 is slim and stylish enough to satisfy even the most debonair spy or gadget lover.

The Enigma E2 can also be used to make unencrypted GSM calls to ordinary mobiles. It has GPRS internet access and Bluetooth hands-free, but both of these are kept separate from the “crypto” side of the phone for security reasons.

This world-class security makes Enigma E2 smarter than a smartphone. And with software upgrades coming soon to offer encrypted text and picture messaging, it’s getting smarter all the time.

The Enigma E2 is ideal for security services and corporate clients, but also high net worth individuals who wish to protect valuable business information and keep their personal lives private.

“In the last ten years, entire governments have been subjected to illegal mobile interception, and our clients advise us that corporate mergers have been hijacked and information illegally gained, thanks to GSM attacks,” says David Wolper, Commercial Director of IntSec Limited. “A surprising amount of important information is exchanged over the phone. With the Tripleton Enigma E2, secure calls are as easy as ordinary mobile calls, keeping your personal life and business dealings safe from cyber spies.”

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