Jola launches range of PSTN replacement solutions

Jola has announced a range of PSTN replacement solutions to help businesses prepare for the upcoming copper switch off.

The company’s PSTN Replacement Toolkit contains a choice of connectivity (fixed line, mobile, leased line), voice over GSM or voice over SIP. It also includes cellular or SIP gateway hardware, options for either porting existing numbers or adding new UK numbers.

The ISDN Replacement Toolkit contains SIP trunks, resilient SIP trunk options and flexible inbound and outbound routing. UK, international and non-geographic number porting is provided via portal or API.

Adrian Sunderland, CTO, Jola (pictured), explained, “Jola’s PSTN replacement packages are the perfect solution for MSPs, ISPs and resellers looking for a slick wholesale solution, managed end-to-end via a real-time fully API integrated portal.

“Millions of telephone lines will take time to migrate and we are already seeing massive projects kicking off as companies wake up to the challenges and choices ahead. This is a great opportunity for Jola partners to become first-mover experts in what is going to be the hottest sector in telecommunications over the next few years.”

Jola said these new connections represent a significant opportunity for the channel, and these products are specifically designed to help the channel take advantage of the impending PSTN switch-off.

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