Juliette Lewis stars in Orange Gold Spot

Orange has announced that Juliette Lewis will star in the latest Orange Gold Spot advert, the second in the new series following the launch of Orange Film Studios this year.

The advert sees the return of Mr Dresden and Elliot who have moved into the film production business and are now re-creating Hollywood blockbusters with Orange mobile phones at the centre of the action.

Lewis plays the leading role in a new film created by Orange Film Studios, a re-envisioned version of martial arts film, Fist of Fury. Lewis follows Emilio Estevez who starred in the first advert of the series, created by Fallon earlier this year. The Gold Spots continue to remind people to turn off their mobile phones in cinemas.

Set in a Hollywood sound studio, Mr Dresden and Elliot are recording a director’s commentary for their ‘new movie’, Fngrz of Fury. Lewis arrives in the studio after Mr Dresden and Elliot wave her over to join them. Watching the film on a projection screen, Lewis appears on the screen dressed in a contemporary martial arts outfit and begins a spectacular kungfu routine.

Mr Dresden says: “Jean-Claude, what do you call this fighting style?.” Mr Dresden impersonates Van-Damme and continues “Text-fu. It’s the best technique.”

Lewis does not realise that the mobile phone has been inserted into the movie and is alarmed when she finds out. They’ve also included close-ups of Lewis’ toes and fingers hitting keys on her phone in a martial arts frenzy. Lewis is furious and exclaims: “You added a phone!?” The scene comes to an end with Lewis gathering her belongings and leaving the studio.

Orange has held the prestigious 65 second slot or ‘Gold Spot’ since 2000, with the original Film Funding Board creative starting in 2003 with Mother. The new ad starring Lewis will run in cinemas across the UK from 26 June. Fallon has created two other Gold Spots that will hit the screens throughout the year.

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