Juniper Networks Introduces Simply Connected Portfolio

Juniper Networks has announced its new ‘Simply Connected’ portfolio of switching, security and wireless products designed to simplify the wired network and ensure the management and security of all mobile devices in the enterprise. As part of the new networking portfolio, Juniper announced the availability of three switching products, wireless LAN (WLAN) product innovations, and a set of updated Apple iOS and Google Android mobile device security capabilities.

The diversity and growth of users demanding wireless access to enterprise networks with smartphones, tablets and other devices, presents IT departments with a unique opportunity to migrate beyond legacy networks designed for wired employee PCs. As IT departments struggle to support everyone’s wireless device of choice, legacy networks are ill suited to meet the demands of new applications ranging from surveillance to video conferencing to cloud collaboration. Enterprises need an easy, secure, and reliable way to connect everyone’s device of choice.

Juniper’s Simply Connected approach to the enterprise embraces two critical concepts; user-centric security and management independent of mobile device brand or type; and the opportunity to re-architect and reduce the network footprint in facilities where the mix of wireless and wired network access is changing. To re-architect the wired network for the next decade, Juniper’s Networks® EX Series Ethernet Switches now include Virtual Chassis fabric technology on more platforms to enable multiple interconnected switches to operate as a single, logical device, simplifying the campus wired network and resulting in fewer devices and wires to manage.

Juniper’s WL family of WLAN controllers, APs and management tools help deliver pervasive wireless access to all campus and branch users with the same level of reliability and control that they expect from the wired network. Juniper Networks SRX Series Service Gateways ensure secure device-agnostic connections. SRX branch gateways combine high port density, advanced security, and flexible connectivity into a single, easily managed platform that supports fast, secure, and highly-available campus and branch operations. In addition, Junos® Pulse enables user device freedom with IT self service in order to secure, manage, and enforce policy across a wide range of popular devices.

“Legacy campus and branch networks are now under a growing strain from the increased number of wireless devices entering the enterprise” said Rohit Mehra, director of enterprise communications infrastructure at IDC. “Juniper’s Simply Connected approach helps customers simplify their network infrastructure to meet this new demand.”

“It should be simple for individuals to choose and change their devices, simple to securely access their business applications and easy for the IT department to provision one policy per user that works across multiple devices, from tablets to smart phones to PCs,” said Alex Gray, senior vice president and general manager, campus and branch business unit, Juniper Networks. “Juniper’s Simply Connected approach is designed to meet those needs without compromising IT’s requirement to reduce the support burden in the face of new devices, security, reliability and network performance.”

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