Juniper Networks Unveils Junosphere Lab

Juniper Networks has announced the availability of Junosphere Lab, a new virtual environment the company says revolutionises the way service providers and enterprises design, test and operate networks.

Junosphere is a cloud offering that allows network operators to create and run networks on-demand, enabling network modelling, testing and planning at a scale that is practically impossible to achieve with physical equipment. Using Junosphere Lab, companies can “rent” networks for as little as $50 per day, enabling them to speed modelling projects by over 30 percent and lower total cost of ownership by as much as 90 percent when compared to the alternative of building a physical lab.

Juniper says Junosphere Lab overcomes traditional challenges associated with network modelling and design by harnessing the power of virtualisation to reduce reliance on overburdened physical network labs and dramatically improving time efficiency by transforming how organisations approach network modelling. It can be used to speed service introduction, plan more effectively and reduce the risk of network changes. Using Junosphere Lab, network personnel can create and model virtual networks running the Junos operating system as a substitute for or supplement to physical test labs, eliminating significant power, cooling and space requirements. It also provides a simple, cost effective tool for training and maintaining the skills of technicians and national operations centre personnel.

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