Justin Orde Joins the NICC Board

Justin Orde has been appointed to the board of the NICC, the technical forum for the UK communications sector that publishes interoperability standards for communications networks and services. Orde is also joint managing director of Spitfire the business communications and Internet Service Provider.

NICC was originally constituted as a co-ordinating committee reporting in to Ofcom. In June 2008, NICC reformed as an independent industry body that is owned and managed by organisations involved in telecoms interoperability standards development. NICC relies on its members to define its work programme and to contribute the resources to develop standards.

Spitfire is a founding member of NICC Standards Ltd, which now has 40 full time members and 20 associate members. There are currently eleven members of the NICC board.

Commenting on his board appointment for the NICC, Justin Orde said, “NICC Standards Ltd is undertaking a critical role writing and publishing standards for the telecommunications industry. This is challenging because of the need to keep abreast of emerging technologies. I hope to make a positive contribution to this important work.”

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