Kcom helps Channel Partner get their head in the Cloud

Crosby Systems recently launched their new brand, The Telecoms Cloud, which provides cloud based telecoms services to small and medium sized businesses.

Kcom underpins The Telecoms Cloud with an interface which gives their customers the ability to directly manage their own communications within the cloud. They can gather call analytics, run market reports and plan their requirements using real time statistics. The interface also provides access to complex information, such as the location of inbound calls, which can help businesses target their customer base more effectively.

The functionality is all provided through Kcom’s Myriad 2 platform with Crosby Systems using its capability to create a low cost alternative to a hosted PBX.

Matt Wilson, CEO at Crosby Systems, says: “Using the Myriad API means that our customers can shape their telecoms around their own business. With Kcom providing the platform and Crosby providing the underlining technology it makes for a great partnership. Our customers wanted to get rid the traditional phone system that was going out of date and Myriad API offers a continual up to date system that is constantly adding more features that will help the customer communicate better.”

Mike Wilkinson, Channel Partner Sales Manager at Kcom, says: “Myriad 2 gives Partners the ability to fully control the development and testing of new services – a crucial stage of any new service introduction when our Partners are responding to the needs and demands of their customers. The new interface increases Partner independence without the extra expenses and still differentiates them in the market. This is further evidence that the Kcom strategy in the inbound market is the right approach. We will build the Myriad engine and support our partners whole heartedly in driving innovation, creating brand identity and differentiation in the market by supplying a strong API.”

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