Kcom Raises the bar for Admiral’s Customer Service

Kcom has been working with Admiral Group to help it deliver a better customer service and more efficient operations.

Kcom and Admiral have been working together for the last two years to develop its main contact centre to deal with an increasing number of inbound calls from customers.

Admiral’s agents can now manage calls more efficiently with Kcom’s technical solution improving the customer experience and reducing the time agents spend carrying out manual tasks.

Outbound Sales Director at Admiral, Garan Pieniazek, said: “We challenged Kcom to provide an innovative solution to help improve the way we communicate with our customers. We wanted to be able to call our customers back at a time that suits them and in doing that reduce the amount of time they spend waiting on hold. With this new solution we’ve been able to broaden the capability of our contact centre.”

Previously agents were required to manually diarise customer call-backs. This is now automated through a diary call-back function that helps them schedule calls at a time that suits the customer. This flexibility accommodates customers’ preferences while making the most of the time slots available for each agent to call them back.

Managing Director at Kcom, Stephen Long, said: “This is a great example of how clever use of technology can solve key business challenges and improve a customer’s experience.

“The new solution gives operators the flexibility and time to deal with customers efficiently. We look forward to working with Admiral to keep developing the capability of its contact centres and helping improve their communications with customers.”

The number of call-backs has increased by 8.1% per month; agents are now spending more time active on calls and the amount of unsuccessful call-backs has been reduced by 15.3%.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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