Kedington Northern Ireland Wins “Best-all-Ireland” Team in Cisco Euro Challenge 2007

Systems Integrator Kedington Northern Ireland, has been crowned “best-all-Ireland” at the Cisco Euro Challenge, the largest team sporting event for business executives across Europe.

Kedington, a subsidiary of Bailey Teswaine, finished their campaign in 26th position (out of 70 teams) while Bailey Teswaine came in 20th overall.

Set in the stunning surroundings of Donegal Bay, Ireland, the annual Cisco Euro Challenge took place between 13-16th September 2007, with participating teams from more than 300 of Europe’s most high profile enterprises including Vodafone, 3i, Cisco Systems, Barclay’s Bank, Lloyds TSB and Dimension Data. Over the course of three days and two nights, each team faced a number of mental and physical endurance challenges where stamina, intellectual agility, strategy and decision-making abilities were rigorously tested–all geared towards promoting high performing teams for businesses.

According to Lawrence Flavell, MD, Kedington Northern Ireland, “It’s a great testament to Kedington’s physical ability and mental strength. We were competing against some of the largest organisations in Ireland in what was a true test of physical endurance, patience and teamwork. Even when the chips were down, the team never gave up – we really couldn’t have asked for much more from each member. All we need to ensure is that we work together and put up a similar performance to defend the title next year!”

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