Keeping things ‘SIM’ple

Dreading the arrival of the phone bill from your last business trip abroad? International Roaming charges for both calls and data often become an unexpected and inflated expense when travelling for business or pleasure. And while using a prepaid local SIM instead can save you hundreds of ££s in charges, it can be annoying to constantly swap between SIM cards or use more than one mobile handset at a time. Step forward the Dual SIM Card Case for iPhone from gift and gadget developer thumbsUp!

Allowing you to swap SIMs at the flick of a switch, the Dual SIM Case for iPhone is a breeze to set up. Simply slide an adaptor into one of the card slots and then insert your SIM. There are two compartments and 2 adapters available for your SIM cards, whether they’re standard or micro versions. The durable cover then slides over the SIMs to protect your iPhone against bumps and scratches.

Swapping between SIM cards is easy. The case requires no software and there is no need to Jailbreak your phone. Just activate the switch on the back to the SIM you want to use and then turn on your iPhone. The case even comes equipped with a SIM key!

Wojtek Kolan, Head of Business Development at thumbsUp! explains: “We’re really excited about this product. After talking through the annoyances of having multiple phones for work and personal use, we realised how much easier it would be if you could swap between the two, using only your iPhone. It’s an ideal tool for those who hate to feel cut off, and a perfect example of using technology to make life simpler and cheaper!”

Whether you’re heading overseas on holiday or business and want to swap between your ‘home’ and ‘abroad’ SIMs, or you just like the convenience of flipping between work and personal cards, the Dual SIM Card Case for iPhone is one of the most practical accessories to hit the mobile accessories market this year.

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