Keynote Systems Mobile Performance Index March

Consistently in 2010, Google has had the fastest average mobile download time, according to the Keynote Systems Mobile Performance Index March 2010.

In March, Google’s average download time was 2.58 seconds. This is significantly quicker than the average of all the sites monitored, which is 5.29 seconds, noted Nisheeth Mohan, product manager, mobile, at Keynote Systems.

Mohan added: “Facebook and BBC were the only other sites to download in less than five seconds with times of 2.68 and 3.79 seconds respectively.

“Yahoo was the most reliable mobile site this month, with an average availability of 96.38%. The average availability across all sites was 95.09% in March. Eurosports came in last with an average availability of 93.65%.”

Eurosports was the fastest site with a download speed of 4,838 bytes/second. Yahoo and Ebay followed Eurosports. Google on the other hand came in last in the download speed category.

Mohan continued: “This month’s results demonstrate just how varied mobile site performance can be for major sites. There are several sites that perform well in one index, however they struggle in other areas monitored.

“As the popularity of smartphones continues to increase, content providers need to ensure that their mobile offering is equally as consistent as their fixed line internet sites as consumers increasingly prefer to access the information they want on the go,” concluded.

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