Kingston Communications’ ‘Super Reseller’ on target for £1.8million turnover

Yorkshire reseller Diva Telecom has been recognised by its telecoms provider, Kingston Communications (KC), for record sales after just three years in business.

With a turnover of £1.1million in its second year and a predicted £1.8million for 2009, Diva Telecom has been proclaimed a “Super Reseller” by KC, which is part of the KCOM Group.

“Diva is an exceptional example of proficient growth and professional delivery,” explains KC’s Value Added Reseller Manager Mike Wilkinson. “Despite the downturn, Diva has continued its service provision and business support resulting in sales which average at around £1million annually.”

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Diva was established by telecoms expert Erica Lewis after 25 years in the industry. Erica utilised her expertise and drive in 2006 and launched Diva with the aim of creating a new approach to telecoms provision. One of many telecom resellers who use KC as their wholesale provider, Diva has, with KC’s support, launched three new services in the last three months including Diva Conferencing, Divatxt and Hosted IP Telephony.

“The key to our success is the ability to see the bigger picture from the needs of our customers to the way we operate internally and externally,” explains Erica, who believes turnover will grow to £2.5 million in 2010.

“Anybody can sell an 08 number but not everybody understands its power so our knowledge and understanding of inbound numbering and strict account management is key.“

Diva Telecom has been a Kingston Communications reseller since 2007 taking Intelligent Network Services, CPS, Wholesale Line Rental, Myriad (Tailored Solutions) and SIP services. Choosing award-winning environmentally friendly offices in Thorpe Park, Leeds and providing largely voice services to its customers, green ethics have been a core part of Diva’s growth strategy.

“While our biggest revenue stream is providing inbound 08 numbers, we have focussed on providing greener ways of working for ourselves and our customers,” Erica continues. “From basics like our internal recycling policies to introducing travel free meetings through our new conferencing facility, we are bringing responsible communications to businesses who are more conscious than ever of their cutting costs and reducing their carbon footprint.”

With the addition of flexible billing platforms and a portfolio of clients from small operators to larger charities and local authorities, Erica believes she has created a recession busting strategy to see her – and her customers – through the downturn.

“We have noticed that people have stopped making progressive business decisions and are waiting to see an uplift before moving forward – yet now more than ever is the time to focus on marketing and maximise the support from and benefits of inbound numbers,” she explains.

“Our service to our customers is dependent on working with providers who are flexible and competitive and our progression to date would not have been possible if I wasn’t working with a provider I can trust and grow with.”

Kingston Communications’ Mike Wilkinson and Account Manager, Partner Channel Paula Hayes presented Erica with a commemorative plaque at Diva’s Leeds office in July, marking officially the company’s status as a KC “Super Reseller”.

Mike added: “Diva has become one of KC’s fastest growing channel partners over just 18 months, demonstrating considerable energy and entrepreneurial spirit. Together we have delivered innovative inbound telephony solutions for a variety of national businesses and we look forward to continued success in this arena.”

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