Kipper Ties are Cool – So says Martin Hatcher of MTV Telecom

Martin Hatcher, Chairman of distributor MTV Telecom, believes that resellers should re-examine their attitudes towards Panasonic PBX systems.

“Those resellers who have been around for any length of time will know that the communications graveyard is littered with the corpses of pretenders to the crown that sits upon the head of Panasonic for being enthroned as masters of all they survey in the sub 100 extension market. Year after year Panasonic lead the field by turning in market shares for the UK well in excess of 20%. That is no accident and no mean feat as the likes of Ericsson (BP50), Bosch and the many others who have failed in their attempts to knock Panasonic from their lofty perch will testify.”

Like many others in the channel I attend exhibitions, trade shows and seminars up and down the country each year and observe the cognoscenti huddled together in their Paul Smith suits dismissing Panasonic products like a 1970’s throw back to flared trousers and hot pants.

Here at MTV Telecom we take a more pragmatic view based upon years of experience in selling more Panasonic systems than you could shake a kipper tie at. Why, you might ask, are MTV Telecom and Panasonic so successful in this supposedly unfashionable quest?

We see the reasons in simple terms – Customer Choice and Reseller Enthusiasm. What I mean by this is customers are not stupid; they know value for money when they see it and in Panasonic PBX systems they get value in spades. Likewise resellers know their customers and with Panasonic they know that should their customer want the ‘Paul Smith’ applications and options then they can have them – from Panasonic!

So, my advice to resellers is this, ignore the fashion police, kipper ties can be cool, go sell a Panasonic.

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