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Knight Corporate Finance: M&A set to remain hot despite pandemic fallout

In the last episode of Comms Business Live David Dungay spoke to Adam Zoldan and Paul Billingham, Directors at Knight Corporate Finance, about the impact of COVID-19 and the lockdown on the M&A sector.

When asked what KCF saw over the last few months in terms of deals Adam Zoldan commented “People were busy, the comms and IT side were probably at the forefront of peoples minds in terms of keeping the lights on. Resellers were providing a great service and getting paid for it.

“We haven’t really seen signs of distress at all. What we have seen is some investors take a step back and take some time to gather their thoughts in terms of how they were going address their acquisition strategy during the lockdown. We did see one or two deals go on hold and interestingly one of those is back on and looking to complete now and the other was actually approached by another party and the original buyer has now lost the opportunity.”

Paul Billingham added, “In the ICT reseller space their are a number of buy and builds out there and their business plans are predicated on making acquisitions. If they stop acquiring they are likely to fall short on their plans they set out to their investors. We think that will keep the momentum going in the acquisition space.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine