Konftel Integrates Call Recording to 300 Model

Audio conferencing vendor Konftel has added the ability for calls to be recorded directly onto an SD memory card in its new Konftel 300.

“We are the first company in the world to launch this feature. You used to have to connect your conference phone to a tape recorder if you wanted to record a call. This feature now makes it so much simpler to save your phone meeting,” says Konftel’s Managing Director, Peter Renkel.

The Konftel 300 has a built-in SD memory card reader and call recorder capability that make it possible to record calls directly on the phone. The recorded calls can be listened to afterwards on the Konftel 300 or a computer with a memory card reader.

Peter Renkel explains “In the continuing dialogue that we have with our users, many have inquired about a feature that would allow calls to be recorded directly onto the phone without having to connect it to a tape recorder. We are therefore delighted to be able to introduce this feature in response to their requests”.

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