Konftel see a widening market for Conference Phones

Conferencing vendor Konftel says the increasing use of Conference Services and System Conference Bridges underlines the trend for more remote meetings, and for more conference end points. The key drivers for our conference phones are flexibility and adaptability so that Resellers can easily sell our solutions and customers can easily use them.

This sound simple but it means that we have to supply not only top class levels of quality but also multi-purpose units that can simply be connected to any network or system and can be intuitively used by customers.

On top of this we add business and service improvement features to make the conference phones more of a multipurpose communication device, which can be used by more and more people in any environment, and therefore increases the sales potential, e.g.

USB interface to connect the conference phone to the PC for desk top video conferencing, free IP connection and top quality audio communication

GSM Access so that calls can be made via mobile phones which are connected to the conference phones to provide conferencing capability anywhere.

SD Card recording of calls or meetings to capture exactly what has been said, and immediately circulated as an email attachment for information or action

So whilst traditional applications of conference phones in meeting rooms of major Corporations continues to be a growing and obvious requirement, conference phones are now being increasingly deployed in smaller Businesses and used by more people within an organisation and so demand has never been higher.

We have worked with most major platform vendors to ensure compatibility and accreditation with both analogue and SIP systems. For a Reseller this means that they can sell our conference phones with confidence and allows them to offer bundled packages with conference phones included as standard. We have solutions that connect directly to the network platform or via system related phones to provide end users with optional conferencing when needed. So a Reseller has something for everyone. Every system sale that Resellers make can include Conference phones as standard.

Without question a massive opportunity is developing with wireless conference units which can be used wherever and whenever people need them, without consideration of power or access points, or of having to advance book specific conference equipped rooms. Our Konftel 300W allows users to make calls up to 200 metres away from a Base Station, or to call via their PC for UC calls or even from their mobile phones. As such they are much more of a personal conferencing unit which can be used on ad hoc occasions by anybody in need of doing so.

This flexibility perfectly fits today’s increasing commercial practice of information sharing and for consulting with experts and for taking joint or collective decisions. The wireless units allow users to turn any room into a conference room and for anybody to take opportunity of immediate, collective meetings whenever people are available without having to pre plan. The massive improvements in information exchange and for quicker decision making with improved customer service that this brings are plain for everybody to see.

Video Conferencing is also a high demand service and the proliferation of web based Video services is making desk top video available to all, without the expense of dedicated systems and without the need for reciprocal equipment at each end. A desk top conference phone such as our Konftel 300 connected to the PC via the USB interface provides top quality audio communication to every webinar. Whether it is remote teaching in Schools or remote training for Accountants, webinars with conference phones are becoming a standard way of learning.

As such, the Konftel conference phones are personal and immediate business tools:
to increase efficiency – no more note taking or late night writing up of scribbled and abbreviated notes with associated errors

– to reduce costs – convene meetings anytime, anywhere and capture exactly what is said first time every time – no follow up meetings or trips to check the information or lost time waiting for clarification

– to improve customer service – capture customer enquiries or complaints exactly as they are delivered, record and circulate them immediately for action by relevant personnel and delight customers with immediate, personal service and support.

For Resellers, System sales with Conference phones are an obvious opportunity, and the market and applications for conferencing are growing all the time – Offices of all size, home workers, Councils, Hotels, Finance and Legal, Police Authorities, Education, Healthcare, Companies in every industry. We even have sales reps using conference phones in their cars so they get better quality of communication than inbuilt speakers and mics, and they record all their conversations so they don’t miss or forget a single thing. It really is a case of every room now being a conference room – even in a car.

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