Kony offers support for Apple iOS 5

Kony Solutions, a mobile application platform provider, has announced that the Kony Platform now supports Apple’s iOS 5. Since the launch of iOS 5, the industry has seen various compatibility issues for previously released applications and to continue to ensure the best mobile offering for its customers, Kony has made the appropriate changes to allow Kony built applications on previous versions of iOS to function smoothly. These additions enable enterprises to take full advantage of the new functionality within iOS 5, without the headache of interoperability. Further, Kony’s Platform update will be backward compatible, which ensures that all applications are fully functional and able to take advantage of the features of each operating system, irrespective of whether customers upgrade.

The seven beta revisions of iOS 5 and the tight turnaround from developer release date (4th October) to end user availability (12th October), has led to enterprises finding it difficult to deliver iOS 5 applications effectively. In order to ensure interoperability and take full advantage of more than 200 new features introduced with iOS 5 – including iMessage and Reminders – organisations would need to have continually adapted and tested applications throughout the iOS 5 development stage, as well as ensuring that they were submitted to the App Store in good time to be accredited as “iOS 5 tested”. Without this, the changes in the iOS platform’s APIs would cause applications to break and significant revenue will be lost through resulting customer churn.

“It is important to ensure our customers have a fully functional mobile service at all times, and that their experience is the best it can be,” said Jeff Dennes, chief digital officer for Huntington Bank, which worked with Kony to create its mobile portfolio. “The iOS 5 launch would have required us to have to change our priorities at Huntington had we not had Kony on board to ensure our applications would be ready for the updates. Kony definitely has its finger on the pulse, and through continual testing and innovation it has enabled us to deliver a reliable service to our mobile banking customers.”

The Kony Platform leverages Kony’s proven technology for designing, developing, deploying and managing mobile applications that run on more than 9,000 mobile devices and seven operating systems (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, webOS, Symbian, J2ME). In addition, Kony future-proofs mobile investment by offering an SLA that states support of new versions of an existing platform SDK within 30 days of its release to the developer community and an SLA of 90 days for completely new devices and operating systems. Kony’s technology enhances the user experience with a super-set of mobile capabilities that are optimised for each mobile device. Unlike other solutions, which force companies to downgrade their mobile offerings to meet the capabilities of the device with least functionality, Kony’s solution adds functionality to devices without these extended capabilities – thereby offering the best user experience across all devices.

“At Kony, we have always been committed to supporting all mobile devices and operating systems, without skipping on usability, experience or functionality,” said Raj Koneru, CEO of Kony Solutions. “We understand that it is critical for businesses to deliver a reliable, up to date service to their customers. This ensures that the evolving demands of our customers are met, and that they are always in the position to optimise revenue streams that could offer a competitive advantage. Updates, such as this, only go to prove the complexity of maintaining a truly comprehensive, future-proof mobile offering.”

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