Lake Looks to Internet Future

Mitel, through its subsidiary Lake Communications, has been selected as a partner to collaborate in SOCIETIES, a €15.8M EU funded research project. The project aims to develop new internet infrastructures, via the novel concept of Community Smart Spaces (CSS), enabling new ways of working, communicating and socialising as part of dynamic communities of users.

Lake Communications brings its expertise in networking, including pervasive networking, to the SOCIETIES project, having been involved in a variety of EU funded communications research projects over the past 16 years. Lake’s involvement also continues the relationship between the company and The Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG), the project coordinators.

“The goal of the research is to add a layer of intelligence to the internet that is currently lacking,” commented Mark Roddy, EU R&D Manager at Lake Communications. “The aim is to extend the current exploitation of specific network information, such as a user’s location, by using the growth of wireless technologies and sensor networks to provide much richer context information about the user. We want to create a system that takes all of that data and feeds it into a context management system that can be exploited in future by a range of users and communities.”

The SOCIETIES project plans to radically improve the utility of future internet services, building on social networking concepts and pervasive technologies to facilitate the creation, organisation, management and communication of communities via CSSs. It is intended to design and prototype a robust, open and scalable system for self-orchestrating CSSs, enhancing the user experience for individuals and whole communities.

Commencing in October 2010, the project is due to run for three and a half years. The other 15 partners include leading European partners from the private sector such as Intel, NEC, IBM, Telecom Italia and Portugal Telecom, as well as a number of highly regarded research institutions.

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