LANCOM Enhances Smart WLAN

German networking specialists LANCOM now offer customers LCOS 8.5, a free update for their LANCOM WLAN controllers, upgrading the devices to include Layer-3 Tunneling. This intelligent addition to the LANCOM Smart WLAN Controlling Architecture enables administrators to set up virtual wireless networks even where infrastructures do not support VLAN, with a typical application being the provision of wireless access accounts for guests. LCOS 8.5 is available for free download from the LANCOM web site.

Layer-3 Tunneling tunnels data from managed access points through IP infrastructures without the complication of setting up VLANs. Both payload and management data are transmitted, enabling seamless roaming throughout the WLAN without a change of IP address, a key feature when operating voice over WLAN (VoWLAN).

Virtual WLAN infrastructures can be installed without having to reconfigure existing networks or requiring switches to support VLANs.

Applications include guest Internet access, roaming, and remote hotspots. Layer-3 Tunneling enables simple provisioning of wireless Internet access for guests even in highly heterogeneous networks, a key feature, for example, in hotels with established networks that employ switches of different brands and classes. Without this function, these networks would require significant upgrades in order to offer wireless Internet access to guests.

Mike Smythe, Marketing Director at Capstan Communications commented, “As the only major distributor of LANCOM in the UK Telecoms channel, we continue to be impressed with the rapid development of the LANCOM range. Especially important is the latest upgrade to LCOS, the LANCOM Operating System, which further improves our ability to provide converged solutions and network virtualisation technologies. Layer-3 tunnelling, now available with the LANCOM wireless LAN controller suite, benefits not only client applications but allows seamless roaming using LG-Ericsson wireless VoIP terminals – even between different subnets and network segments.

Large scale deployments of LANCOM managed wireless networks are now underway by Capstan Resellers who have grasped the importance that VoWLAN and managed wireless infrastructure will play as mobile device use increases. Businesses must choose infrastructure providers that can deliver network services (such as voice, video and location) and integrate wired networking products, which is exactly what Capstan Resellers can deliver.”

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